Click to enlargeKothimoda - Flagship Model

Here it is -- the BirGorkha Kothimoda, best and biggest Kothimoda in the world. This khukuri is made by the Royal Kami and rates a 10 out of 10. The scabbard is done by one of the best gold and silversmiths in the Kathmandu valley and also rates 10 out of 10. Khukuri specs. Weight is 1 lb 11 oz., overall length -- 17.25 inches, width of blade -- 1 & 7/8 wide, blade thickness -- 7/16 inch. The khukuri, a dui chirra, is mounted in silver with water buffalo bone handle. The scabbard takes ten days to make. It is the finest water buffalo calf, natural grain leather to be found. The silver, all 225 grams of it, is .999 pure. Overall, this is one of the finest kothimodas in the world and one of the heaviest silver laden scabbards ever made. Those who order this kothimoda will not be disappointed, guaranteed!